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Welcome to prmInfotech

prmInfotech (Pro Rage Minds Infotech (P) Ltd.) is a global information technology provider that design, develop and support unique software solutions in form of web, mobile, cloud-based and custom software applications, helping clients take their businesses forward.

Recognized for its deep domain expertise and superior technical talent, prmInfotech create new products and modernize complex legacy systems that affect technology transformation inĀ hospitality, finance, travel, remote sensing, and other industries.

As a passionate professional of technology, we offer the best of support and services within the agreed time-frames and budgets. We bring our exciting minds into operations as we charge forward to help clients, scale new peaks and diversify through expansion.

We help our clients achieve important business outcomes by

Building new products and services as a web, mobile, cloud-based and custom software application

Modernizing and enhancing existing solutions

Re-engineering legacy enterprise systems

Introducing new ways of working at a process and tool level

Providing expert inputs and resources on a just-in-time basis

Helping to control the cost and effort of managing existing IT systems

Strategy & Approach

We spend the best of our time in understanding the client needs, business specifications, requirement gathering, and future possibilities.

This occupies the 90% of the energy and efforts put into project development which ultimately boosts in forming strong architectured foundation of the system, minimizing the turnaround time, bugs and fixes leading to a successful product.

prmInfotech believes that satisfying the client is the key to any successful business. We associate with companies that recognize the need for a partner who can offer the best approach and build custom solutions that generate high returns with latest technology stack.

We help organizations that demand quality, proven domain expertise and integrity. We work with complex businesses that are looking to bring new and re-engineered products to market faster.

Why can't you stop thinking limitless?

A phrase that sprouted the idea of a startup from the seed "attitude par excellence".

The core should be excellence making a positive slope with growth.
This is the principle that we follow. Since its beginning, prmInfotech always believed in excellence for everything.

Sitting in a heaven like city Dehradun, nestled in the mountain ranges, we have the best environment and climate. This beauty motivates each of us to go beyond limits and deliver a value-added product to what the client has asked for.

It's not just technology that is in our blood, we discuss a lot about pc games, politics, cricket, movies, family, a lot about life.

You will like our company (working and being in; both) for sure.

Our Partners

We partner with wonderful clients to create and support innovative solutions that help businesses achieve lasting success in the marketplace.

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